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(as amended May 6, 2020)


Article I - Name and Purpose


Section 1: Name
This chapter shall be called the Century Bassmasters.


Section 2: Purpose
To stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport. To offer our state conservation department our organized moral and political support and encouragement. To promote full adherence to all conservation codes and to demand adequate water standards. To detect and report any polluter and call public attention to his crime. To improve our skill as Bass Anglers through a fellowship of friendly exchange of expert bass catching techniques and ideas, and to promote and encourage youth fishing and a love for this great recreation.


Article II - Membership


Section 1: Number of Members

Total active membership shall not exceed 25 members.


Section 2: Requirements for Membership

To become a chapter member, a person shall:
(a) Voluntarily express a genuine interest in membership.
(b) Have reached at least his or her 16th birthday.
(c) Have a boat meeting specifications for a boat in chapter tournaments, unless at least 50% of the active membership already have such boats.
(d) Be recommended by a member
The prospective member will be paired with a club member other than the sponsoring member for a regular club tournament. At the next meeting after the tournament the club member must give testimony of the prospective member's bass fishing prowess and sportsmanship.
After having attended a total of at least one club meeting, and having fished in at least one club tournament a vote shall be shall be taken with the prospective member unable to hear the debate and the vote, and affirmation must be by two-thirds or more of the members present. Upon request by any member present, the vote shall be by secret ballot; otherwise by show of hands or voice vote.
Upon payment of initiation fee full membership shall be conferred.


Section 3: Membership dues

The membership dues shall be $30.00 quarterly, prorated, payable upon being voted into the chapter and quarterly thereafter. Initiation fee shall be $40.00. Members should come to the first meeting of each quarter prepared to pay their dues at the meeting.


Article III - Officers, Elections, Vacancies, and Eligibility


Section 1: Officers and their Duties

The officers of the chapter shall consist of:
(a) President: Preside over all meetings and direct all official business. Appoint and direct all committee functions. Supervise all club functions.
(b) Vice President: Act as program chairman, assist the president in his duties and preside in the absence of the President. Perform the duties of the Tournament Director in his absence.
(c) Secretary: Maintain accurate minutes of all meetings. Provide timely and accurate rosters and reports to the State and National Federation. Be responsible for all correspondence of the chapter.
(d) Treasurer: Maintain accurate financial records, maintain accounts for the chapter, receive and disburse chapter funds.
(e) Tournament Director: Maintain accurate records of club catch. Submit catch survey cards if applicable. Maintain and report on membership standings. Be responsible for conduct of club tournaments. Interpret and enforce tournament rules. Safety of all concerned is first priority. Have custody of and maintain club First Aid Kit. Order and present awards.
(f): Chief Technical Officer: Is responsible for the continuing maintenance of the club website, including recommendations for and oversight of web hosting services. Recommends and develops and/or procures additions and modifications to facilitate operation and management of club activities.


Section 2: Elections

The election of officers shall be held annually at a regular meeting during the month of
December. Election shall be by simple majority of members present.


Section 3: Eligibility of Vote

Each active member is entitled to one vote. Proxy votes are not permitted.


Section 4: Term of Office

The term of office is for one year, which shall begin on January 1.


Section 5: Vacancies

In the event of an office becoming vacant, nominations shall be asked and an election held to fill the unexpired term of the individual vacating the office.


Section 6: Eligibility for Holding Office

To be eligible for an office a member must be a member in good standing.


Article IV - Method of Amending the Charter and adopting By-Laws


Section 1: Amending the Charter

This charter may be amended at any meeting by a 2/3 vote of the members present, provided written notice of the proposed amendment has been presented to the membership by hand or by mail at least one month prior to the vote.


Section 2: By-Laws

On topics other than the headings of the Articles of this Charter, the club may adopt or rescind any other such rules and regulations as it deems appropriate, as a matter of regular business at any regular business meeting, by majority of members present. Such additional By-Laws are to be recorded by the Secretary and added as addenda to this Charter, a current copy of the Charter and all By-Laws to be maintained by the Secretary at all times and written copies provided to all members upon request by any member. A copy of the Charter, current By-Laws, and Tournament Rules are to be presented to all new members within 60 days of their election to the club.


Article V - Removal from Membership, Inactive Membership


Section 1: Removal from Membership

A member may be dropped from the membership at any meeting by simple majority vote of the members upon recommendation of the President and one other office for the following:
(a) Failure to pay dues.
(b) Any action which reflects dishonor and disgrace on this chapter.
Further, a member may be expelled after 2/3 vote of the members present at any meeting following one month written notice to all members of the vote. The written notice must be supported by two members, who cannot remain anonymous. All votes to remove a member will be by secret ballot.


Section 2: Inactive Membership

At his or her request, and subject to approval by the majority of members at any club meeting, a member may be dropped from active membership and become an Inactive Member. Inactive Members are those persons who will be automatically be reinstated as Active Members by payment of dues and statement of desire to resume active status, with no initiation fee payable, nor any vote of the membership required. Inactive membership shall expire after one year.


Article VI - Affiliation


Section 1: Requirements for Affiliation

Century Bassmasters is not affiliated with any other organization.


Article VII - Tournaments


The chapter will hold 12 tournaments each year. The tournament year will be from
January through December.