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Report for Tournament Held on 10/13/2018

Another fun, semi-annual, two day tournament is in the books. This time, we returned to High Rock Lake for what could be called the "muddy water" shootout. Mother Nature threw us a curveball with heavy hurricane Michael rains hitting the area two days prior to blast-off. The lake reached near full pool and grew increasingly stained/muddy; depending upon which creek you fished some areas were less than 6" visibility. We had a trailer tournament format allowing teams to put in at whichever creek they preferred and held our weigh-in @ Southmont. Boat travel under most bridges was not possible given the water level.

While larger tournaments cancelled, the Century Bass Masters Club persevered & battled the tough conditions. Caution was exercised by those crossing the main lake; the creeks were generally free of debris but stained/muddy. Despite the less than friendly conditions, everyone caught fish.
Day 1 was more productive with double-digit weights for some. The weather was beautiful with sunshine yet early fall temps; finally shedding the hot summer day temps. Day 2, rainy and cloudy, was much tougher due to further muddy water invasion. All boats were in single digits on day 2. Still we all caught fish and had a good time. The quality of fish wasn't typical but a few decent ones were found.

A few things we learned:

yes Our usual 2 day tourney Saturday night cookout remains a huge hit. Thanks to our grillmasters Doug D and Ed M for their culinary wizardry.

no A not to be named competitor reportedly caught his fish on large swimbaits and rattle traps, but this sandbagger also reports to catch many on a "deep-diving pink jitterbug" so take that info with a grain of salt.

yes High Rock has a very health white bass population. Just throw a small crank bait and you will see.

no High Rock catfish apparently devour brush hogs

yes Shad schools that you could walk across the lake on were reported by a few.


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